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10 biggest fast food success of all time

 all right kid take your time from fried chicken to cheesy fries if your favorite was overlooked the last time see if part three is a charm here are more of the biggest fast food successes of all time subway cookies do you have my cookies for me if there's one thing people are most excited to get when they go to subway it's got to be the cookies even though you get to choose between chips or cookies the choice should always be clear get the cookies not only are they super affordable but they're also the most underrated item on the menu with a very small dessert menu they should be worshiped in every way you belong here with us the cookies are always made fresh no matter what time of the day you go into subway they are cut and flash frozen off-site but then thawed out and baked fresh in store each day whether you prefer the macadamia nut the m m or the original chocolate chip cookie you will find the ideal flavor for you subways cookies are so renowned countless recipes can

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