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10 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Studying TOP 10 Most Protected People In The World.

It’s a well-known fact in our modern world that we’re not “equal”. While celebrities and rich people get practically anything they want, regular people have to put up a fight for basic necessities. Some people are just more influential to the world than the rest. Take dangerous criminals who could wreak havoc or leaders who could solve the world’s problems. They need special protection, and they certainly get it! These are the Top 10 Most Protected People in the World.  10. Queen Elizabeth II. 24-hour security, 185 SAS-trained officers, the royalty and diplomatic protection group is an elite Scotland Yard squad that only makes up a fraction of the security that Queen Elizabeth II gets. And that security doesn't come cheap - about 27 million pounds per year to be exact. Just recently, the Queen departed Buckingham Palace to take up refuge at Windsor Castle, with a large team of the best medics money can buy because of the Coronavirus outbreak. To top it off, she never has to do any

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