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Top 10 Kids Who Gave The Funniest Test Answers

Remember “kids say the darndest things?”, whatever happened to that show? It was a reminder of all the adorable and hilarious things that children would say and in my opinion, it would do great things if it were still on the air. It might help us get over the sad news we see all over our screens now. Which is what prompted us to compile the top 10 kids who gave the funniest test answers! 

10. It’s the difference.

Another instruction gone wrong. Well, technically it’s not, it’s the correct way to ask, but as any student who doesn’t quite know the answer knows all too well, you can always play dumb. When asked for the difference between 8 and 6, this student decided to be very visual about it. Sure maybe they’re not going to join the Math Olympics, but they’re clearly poets waiting for their true opportunity to shine. 

9. Specifics As a teacher, 

You must remember that specifics matter. When you give them a number like “3 x 5” students will cling to anything you’ve said, or left out. This was the case for this teacher who, like many of my own, told their students that they had the opportunity of bringing in a 3x5 flashcard with essentials they needed for the test. This young woman heard “3x5” and recognized an opportunity. She brought in a 3 foot by 5-foot poster with all the information necessary for the test. The teacher had no choice but to let it slide. Surely, the effort it took to put that together was plenty of study time for her anyway, and as an educator, you must reward ingenuity. 

8. A Time Stamp.

Who doesn’t love looking back at how much they’ve grown over the school year? To see that, when they started, they wanted to be an astronaut and now they want to be a lawyer, or that when they started they liked the color blue and now they like the color brown. Or.. like this kid, to see how absolutely and hilariously amusing (or self-amusing, at lest) he was. Sure, he’s good at sports and dancing, but when this little one grows up, what he really wants is to be good at flying and “making the biggest burp”. Who doesn’t, kid? Who doesn’t? 

7. Classic.

If you forget what it is that the test was about, or say specifics about a war, an era, this trick could really come in handy. If only all of us were this clever, we’d be set for just about anything. It’s one of those situations where you can look your parents dead in the eye and say “Well, it’s not wrong, is it?” The question on this student’s test was, “What ended in 1896?” And he gave the best possible answer and the truest thing I’ve ever heard, “1895.” Time to rethink every test you’ve ever taken, because this kid could’ve helped you ace them all.

6. Pure Evil.

If you’re going to go around asking your students to employ their logic on a test, you better be prepared for the answers. Kid logic can be brutal. This student was asked whether they’d prefer to be stuck on an island entirely alone or with someone they hated and why. From the huge star next to their answer, it seems like the teacher saw it and said “I’ll allow it”. The student said “I would rather be on an island with someone I hate so I have something to eat.” Once again, they’re not wrong. Maybe just a bit evil. But, maybe they’re just prepared for all morality to go out the window when hunger strikes at this abandoned island and they have the best logic of all. Star, indeed. 

5. Show Your Thinking.

Whether it’s “show and tell,” “show your work,” or “show your thinking” it seems like students are questioning less and less why they’re supposed to be showing their teacher anything at all. This student, I imagine, didn’t think twice before illustrating for their teacher exactly how they thought up their answer. The question involved thinking in US coins, 10 dimes vs 40 pennies, what’s worth more? They showed it, didn’t they? Give that student an A! 

4. Not Quite.

Unscrambling words has never been anyone’s strongsuit and let’s face it, teachers only do it because it takes up a lot of their class time. It’s a needed breather and a step away from snotty kids all day. But when you get those papers returned to you and you see what they unscrambled, you may wish you had rethought those words. Well, “this” turned to something else entirely, didn’t it? Better luck next time, teach! I'd say that's checkmate. I hope his parents put this one on the fridge. 

3. Quadrilaterals or Friends? 

There’s a reason why writers get paid so much for instructions, pamphlets, how-to guides, and the like. The reason is, they have to be really specific and good at their jobs. All except for the IKEA people, they’re not hiring writers at all, clearly. Even with this seemingly simple task of giving the right name to the quadrilateral, like “square” and “rectangle”, this kid either misunderstood the question entirely or deserves a troll award of some kind. 

2. You said to use the adjectives l. 

The moment we started pairing the words “muscular,” “hot,” and “firemen”, the teachers here should have known we were in for trouble. Sure enough, some student, when asked to insert two adjectives and one adverb into the sentence “the firemen fought the fire” added, hilariously, “The Muscular Hot Firemen fought the fire quickly,” give that student an award, they know how to paint a picture! They could be getting paid good money per minute to add adjectives and adverbs like that. And maybe someday, if they study hard, they will. 

1. You said “assume the role”.

This teacher must have been kicking themselves when a student took the instructions to heart. During an assignment when they were told to assume the role of an 1870 Chinese immigrant, the student did just that, writing a letter home entirely in Chinese. After being posted, it’s been translated as being quite on point, saying, “Life is hard here, please do not worry, I am very careful”… and other things that the teacher would probably have appreciated. I hope she got an A because this is college level! Thanks for watching! Funny stuff! Maybe we should start filming some new episodes of “Kids Say the Darndest Things!” Got some more examples of funny and/or clever things said by kids? Let us know in the comments section below. Be sure to subscribe, click the bell, give this video a like, and share it with your friends! 


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