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10 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Studying TOP 10 Most Protected People In The World.

It’s a well-known fact in our modern world that we’re not “equal”. While celebrities and rich people get practically anything they want, regular people have to put up a fight for basic necessities. Some people are just more influential to the world than the rest. Take dangerous criminals who could wreak havoc or leaders who could solve the world’s problems. They need special protection, and they certainly get it! These are the Top 10 Most Protected People in the World.  10. Queen Elizabeth II. 24-hour security, 185 SAS-trained officers, the royalty and diplomatic protection group is an elite Scotland Yard squad that only makes up a fraction of the security that Queen Elizabeth II gets. And that security doesn't come cheap - about 27 million pounds per year to be exact. Just recently, the Queen departed Buckingham Palace to take up refuge at Windsor Castle, with a large team of the best medics money can buy because of the Coronavirus outbreak. To top it off, she never has to do any

Top 10 Times People Shocked The World.

We’re living in a world where very few things shock us any more thanks to social media. People say things just for the shock factor, and now we look up from our phones, shrug and say “that's about right”, and go on with our days. The things that would have left our mouth agape years ago now don’t phase us. So, let’s remember some of the people who managed to break through that stoicism with this list of the top 10 times people shocked the world.

10. Monk from Thailand.

While this is highly debated, the fact that people can’t figure out whether it’s real, takes the shock factor up a notch. This monk from Thailand shocked millions by appearing in a video in which he sits in a massive wok of boiling oil while meditating. While some admired the monk for the feet, others started breaking down all the ways the video could be fake. Regardless, people were highly impacted by the video. Do you think it was real?

9. Does This Bro Even Lift?

Famous bodybuilder Brian Shaw, shocked the world when he carried these famous stones, called the Winnie Stones, for the longest distance ever, 11 feet and 6.5 inches. The stones were said to have been selected in the 1830s as counterweights for use in maintaining the Pot arch Bridge. Together, the stones weigh about 733 pounds, or about 332 kilograms, with the bigger stone weighing 414 pounds or about 188 kilograms. As of June 2019, 106 individuals have managed to lift the stones, including four women.

8. Raj, The Next Avenger.

This man shocked the world when he revealed on television that he is about 10 times more resistant to electricity than the average human. He does the exact thing that your physics teacher begged you not to do. He puts live wires all over his body and conducts the energy, powering electronics, lightbulbs, all with the electricity that would have killed pretty much anyone else. I think we’re looking at the next Avenger, someone invests in this guy!

7. Johanna.

 Johanna This little girl, seen anywhere else, would have been asked about who her favorite Disney Princess is or what she wants to be when she grows up, but she’s way past that. Ask her about the most difficult metal song she’s capable of playing, because after she debuted her skills on the drums, she’s been touring the world playing metal with the best of them. In fact, since she’s become famous for her skills, more little girls have taken up the drums as their instrument of choice! Good on her.

6. Jacques Bailey.

 Jacques Bailey's This man will put any schoolkid to shame. Well, that doesn’t sound very noble, does it? What I mean is that he’s the world’s best speller of the English language. He can spell and pronounce any word in the dictionary. Have you ever tried to do anything like that? It’s much harder than it looks!

5. The Oldest Tattoo Artist.

This Filipina woman is the world’s oldest tattoo artist. She does it in a very traditional way, poking into the skin one prick at a time with a bamboo stick to assist the precision of the impact. She also has plenty of them herself! Covered in tattoos and favored among tourists, she adores tattooing people and meeting new friends who help her gain perspective about the world. Now that’s the kind of memorable tattoo that makes the poking worth it.

4. Teresa Widener.

Teresa Widener may not be that shocking to you now, but back when she revealed her strange eating habits, these had not been talked about on the internet or on TV widely. See, she has Georgia, which is a mental condition that causes her to crave eating strange things. In her case, it’s rocks! While rocks are where we get some minerals like salt, they’re definitely not really meant to be eaten. Since she shocked the world, many people have come out with the strange things they crave eating like hair, paint, chalk, bricks, and more.

3. Yumiko Namur.

At 83 years old, Yumiko is the world’s oldest DJ. Now, I’m going to skip right past the hearing aid jokes and go straight to the awe of how cool it is that someone can overcome the age difference between her and her competition and go straight to the top. She works at her family’s restaurant in Tokyo during the day and at night she’s DJ Shamrock, working in clubs in the city. The cool thing about this shock factor is after her, other people considered too old have attempted to get into the industry.

2. Rolf Touchhole.

This man, with 516 body modifications, has 278 piercings on his penis alone. He has taken it upon himself to break records for piercings and modifications, even implanting horns into his forehead! He’s a German man who was verified by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010 and has been disappointing grandmas ever since.

1. The Iceman.

Sure, ice baths are adopted now by body hackers and those who love to try new things to make their bodies stronger, but  Otz 'this man named WIM How shocked everyone before hipsters made it a thing. While people think staying in ice baths for up to 10 minutes is impressive, they’ve got nothing on the iceman, who shocked millions by being able to withstand below-freezing temperatures for almost 2 hours.


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