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 TOP 10 STRANGEST HOTEL'S IN THE WORLD The hotel of world is very unique and amazing. But you want to go to the case. To get a glimpse of this at least once in a lifetime of work, Rahatkal is our villainous life in these hotels. Very different from Riddle's system. You need to be different in all things and for us to get sabese chachchanjah ahia, clothes or hotel. The first thing that comes to mind is hearing the name of the hotel. A luxurious room, swimming pool to eat healthy foods and so many luxuries so that you can make your trip even more special experience. Know why QS is a bass. (1) GODIVA CHOCOLATE Don't have sweet chocolate, what? This is such a thing. Like everyone wakes up to eat. You should be aware of your hotel exit to the hotel. But the institute is everything, it is made of chocolate. I go crazy after this chocolate hotel. But Jehoi Sapan is new. In New York is the Bryan Park Hotel. They are made in the same room with walls, paintings and other chocolates.

10 best jobs list in the world That Will Make You Think Twice

Today we are going to tell you all about 10 That Will Make You Think Twice (best jobs in the world) the highest paid jobs list.

1) C.E.O

CEO is very important for any company. The burden of the entire company is on the same side. So his salary is also very good. You will also be surprised to hear that in a country like India, they earn millions. But the thing to note is that the profit of the company is on them and in today's competitive world, any kind of loss is on their shoulders to earn and avoid profit for their company. But your mouth will only be open when you explore these years. The annual salary of the CEO is about 25-65 crores. Which is too much. That means 2-5 crores every month. Apart from wages, they also get company shares and various incentives. Therefore, the CEO's job is considered a dream job. He only meets with his destiny.


Investment banker is also known as Money Man. Because they spend every day with money. Yes, investment bankers are beneficial for you. And for any company, because they offer financial advice. They have a lot of knowledge of the market. And various financial things and that's why they are always in demand. There are very few investment bankers in India. And so their salary is very high. Entry level starts at Rs 12 lakh. With the experience of reaching 50-60 lakhs, which means that they easily earn 4-5 lakhs every month.


 Highest paid jobs This opportunity is most professional in our jobs list. We all know that studying a chartered accountant is very difficult. 

is Success is achieved only after continuous efforts of hard work, every day CA's job is in financial and accounting. Whose job is to take care of these things. That is why every company and public organization is looking for CA.And that is why they get so much money. There are very few people in India. Who can become ca. You will be surprised to know that one earns a CA. About 20-25 lakhs in a year, which is a fee of 1.5-2 lakhs per month.


Surgeons consider the common man as God. Because they have the life of a patient in their hands. This is the reason why people do not hesitate to pay these money. Can even be heard here. That a doctor's profession is a place where there is no one. Reduction in money. Surgeons treat patients at the operation table for hours. And so they get good salary from the works. A surgeon earns about 15-20 lakhs a month. And 1.5 lakhs a month easily, and if a private surgeon is talking about it, then his salary is even more.


Business analysts are important for any company Much depends on their analysis. Most of the profits of the company are why the company is looking for a good BA. The most important thing about the BA should be to get ahead in mathematics and logical reasoning and get these money for their brains. Now it is clear where the mind game comes in. Money will be good. In such a scenario, BA in India earns 15-20 lakhs in a year. That is, 1.5-2 lakh rupees a month, and apart from the profits of the company, he also gets bonuses and incentives. Which is also high.


 Pilot's life is in the sky. You must have heard it, but do you know that his salary is also equal to touching the sky? Yes, it would not surprise that a pilot remains in hand. Training of a thousand passengers and hence pilot is difficult. That is why they get a lot of money. Can you guess how much a pilot's annual fee will be? No, then let me tell you. A commercial pilot gets around. 15-20 lakhs a year and A helicopter pilot gets 10-15 lakhs.


For lawyers, it is considered. That they do not like the judge. Not as much of a chair as they have. The lawyer appointed by the government gets pearl money from the government. But in various cases they get their money from their customers. This is the reason. That lawyers are very rich. Large personal lawyers who have good knowledge. In law and order and they charge a lot of money for every case. You will be surprised that lawyers get only 9-10 lakhs in a year. But there are some lawyers who earn millions. Crores in the month itself.


Actors are everyone's wishes and their passions. Found in every street of India. Do you also have a sense of this? Women actors get it. 10-50 lakhs for a film, while well-known actors who have made. Take 10–500 crore rupees per film for their stay in the film industry. Apart from this, they have to pay 2-5 million rupees to go and earn more than 100 crores in each event and advertisement. That is, if there is money then it is only in films.


 This opportunity is best in our jobs list.

Now the IPL season is going on. We are all eager to know how much is matched. India cricketers get it. BCCI is considered the richest cricket. Union in the world, because they have a lot of money. So it is clear. That India's cricketers will also get a lot of money. Apart from this, they get separate money for advertising. That is why it is said that Indian cricketers are such cricketers. Those who earn the most in the world. (10-50 millon) Much more than cricketers.


The President of India is the head of this country. And you will be surprised. This job is the best jobs in the world. That they get 1.5 lakh rupees every month. That is, about 18 lakhs in a year. Apart from this, they get all the facilities. Which the common man cannot even imagine.The President of India lives in Rashtrapati Bhavan. With respect, and they also get very different allowances. And encouragement. Go to any of these countries and all the countries are subject to the expenses of the Government of India.


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