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 TOP 10 STRANGEST HOTEL'S IN THE WORLD The hotel of world is very unique and amazing. But you want to go to the case. To get a glimpse of this at least once in a lifetime of work, Rahatkal is our villainous life in these hotels. Very different from Riddle's system. You need to be different in all things and for us to get sabese chachchanjah ahia, clothes or hotel. The first thing that comes to mind is hearing the name of the hotel. A luxurious room, swimming pool to eat healthy foods and so many luxuries so that you can make your trip even more special experience. Know why QS is a bass. (1) GODIVA CHOCOLATE Don't have sweet chocolate, what? This is such a thing. Like everyone wakes up to eat. You should be aware of your hotel exit to the hotel. But the institute is everything, it is made of chocolate. I go crazy after this chocolate hotel. But Jehoi Sapan is new. In New York is the Bryan Park Hotel. They are made in the same room with walls, paintings and other chocolates.

10 best jobs list in the world That Will Make You Think Twice

Today we are going to tell you all about 10 That Will Make You Think Twice ( best jobs in the world ) the   highest paid   jobs list . 1) C.E.O CEO is very important for any company. The burden of the entire company is on the same side. So his salary is also very good. You will also be surprised to hear that in a country like India, they earn millions. But the thing to note is that the profit of the company is on them and in today's competitive world, any kind of loss is on their shoulders to earn and avoid profit for their company. But your mouth will only be open when you explore these years. The annual salary of the CEO is about 25-65 crores. Which is too much. That means 2-5 crores every month. Apart from wages, they also get company shares and various incentives. Therefore, the CEO's job is considered a dream job. He only meets with his destiny. 2) INVESTMENT BANKER Investment banker is also known as Money Man. Because they spend every day with money. Yes, investment ban

Top 10 Most Foolish Thief ant Caught On Camera.

Today we are going to tell you about the 10 most foolish THIEF ANT  in the world. You will not be able to stop laughing at those whose foolish actions.  10. POLICE CAUGHT THIEF: In 2017, there was an incident inside China, where In the video, you can see that a thief is stealing a woman's purse in broad daylight. The woman is also running after the same thief. While running, the thief sneaks inside a building to hide, but after going inside he realizes that the building is nothing but a police station . The woman was running after the thief screaming. And as the police hear that woman's voice. Then the police immediately catch the thief. It was indeed the worst day of that thief ant . 9. DRAMATIST THIEF: It is said that stealing is also an art. And some thieves take this art to a different level. Many thieves are present in the world, who are expert in stealing but have also mastered tremendous acting with it. His acting comes in handy after he is caught. Such was the case

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Top Most Loved Hollywood Actors List In India.

Top hollywood actors list, who loved in India most know more by reading this article. Hollywood young actors. 1. JOHNNY DEPP: If you move forward in the friends list,  Johnny Depp comes second in the list of Most Famous Hollywood Actors. Jonny Depp is considered one of the best actors in the world, not just Hollywood. And on the basis of his wonderful acting, he rules over the hearts of Indian people in crores. In fact, 1963-born Johnny started his acting career in 1984 with a horror film. And in this first film, he proved that he will be considered as Hollywood's biggest superstar in time to come. The character of Captain Jack Sparrow played by him is one of the most liked characters in the world. 2. DWAYNE JOHNSON: And friends likewise , it is at number three in the list of Most Famous Hollywood Actors.  Dwayne Johnson is a Hollywood superstar who is very much liked in our India. , That's why people in India still call him The Rock . Actually 1972 born Johnson started his

10 of the world's weirdest trees.

Today we are going to tell you about 10 rare trees of the world, and trees definition. 10. BOTTLE TREE NAMIBIA: You must have seen many trees definition and many types of trees in the world. But I have never seen a tree like this  Bottle Tree that grows in Namibia. The name of this tree is given by the name of the bottle. The stem of this tree is quite thick and bottle-shaped. Which has no branches. The height of this tree is up to 20 feet. And there will be small branches and leaves at the top end of the tree. White flowers grow on this tree during spring season. There is a huge amount of water inside these trees, which helps them to stay alive in the scorching heat. But the water present in this tree is very poisonous. And it is said that in ancient times people used this fluid to poison their weapons. Top Most Loved Hollywood Actors In India. 9. THE SENDBOX TREE: The Sandbox Tree  is an evergreen tree found in tropical regions of North and South America. Apart from America, this t