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 TOP 10 STRANGEST HOTEL'S IN THE WORLD The hotel of world is very unique and amazing. But you want to go to the case. To get a glimpse of this at least once in a lifetime of work, Rahatkal is our villainous life in these hotels. Very different from Riddle's system. You need to be different in all things and for us to get sabese chachchanjah ahia, clothes or hotel. The first thing that comes to mind is hearing the name of the hotel. A luxurious room, swimming pool to eat healthy foods and so many luxuries so that you can make your trip even more special experience. Know why QS is a bass. (1) GODIVA CHOCOLATE Don't have sweet chocolate, what? This is such a thing. Like everyone wakes up to eat. You should be aware of your hotel exit to the hotel. But the institute is everything, it is made of chocolate. I go crazy after this chocolate hotel. But Jehoi Sapan is new. In New York is the Bryan Park Hotel. They are made in the same room with walls, paintings and other chocolates.

Top Most Loved Hollywood Actors List In India.

Top hollywood actors list, who loved in India most know more by reading this article. Hollywood young actors.



If you move forward in the friends list, Johnny Depp comes second in the list of Most Famous Hollywood Actors. Jonny Depp is considered one of the best actors in the world, not just Hollywood. And on the basis of his wonderful acting, he rules over the hearts of Indian people in crores. In fact, 1963-born Johnny started his acting career in 1984 with a horror film. And in this first film, he proved that he will be considered as Hollywood's biggest superstar in time to come. The character of Captain Jack Sparrow played by him is one of the most liked characters in the world.



And friends likewise , it is at number three in the list of Most Famous Hollywood Actors. Dwayne Johnson is a Hollywood superstar who is very much liked in our India. , That's why people in India still call him The Rock. Actually 1972 born Johnson started his career as a rugby player. But due to injury, he had to quit rugby and after leaving rugby, Johnson started his career in wrestling and acting. And then with his hard work and dedication , he was very successful in both these careers. And due to this hard work, today he is called Hollywood's most expensive superstar.

Hollywood young actors



And something similar has made it to number 4 in our list today. And Tom Cruise is known all over the world not only for his acting but also for his charming personality and tremendous action, In fact, 1962-born Tom Cruise got a small role in 1981 after a lot of straggling but since this film Tom never looked back. And today he is considered one of Hollywood's biggest superstars. Also , what makes Tom Cruise different from the rest of the actors is that Tom never uses a stuntman for action sequences. All the action scenes shown in his films are done by himself , which is a wonderful thing in itself.


Friends Leonardo DiCaprio is an actor who is not only liked by Americans or Indians but also for his tremendous acting all over the world. And on the basis of his tremendous acting, he has also won hundreds of awards, including the Best Actor Award of 2016. Actually, born in 1974, Leonardo's acting career was very difficult in the beginning. And you won't believe but Leonardo was not able to get any role even after giving almost 100 auditions at one time although he did not give up and he continued to try and with this hard work and effort.


And in the same way in our list today, Heath Ledger comes on the sixth number. Heath Ledger was an actor who created a panic in the world with only one character and due to this one role, he has become crores of fans in India today. In fact, his 1989-born Heath Ledger began his acting career in 1992 with an Australian film, but Heath Ledger gained world-class fame with the 2008 film Joker (The Dark Knight).And friends, in this film, Heath Ledger played a famous super villain Joker in DC Comics. And this character played by made him an overnight superstar. But unfortunately Heath Ledger had said goodbye to the world 6 months before this film was due to happen. Although this is not among us, ‌Heath Ledger, but the character played by him will always remain immortal in history.


And friends, you must have known Paul Walkerat number 7 in a similar way. Though speaking, he was very much famous in Hollywood from the beginning of his career, but he got real fame in India after the coming of the film Fast and Furious. And in this film series, he won the hearts of crores of Indians with the role of Brian O'Conner. In fact, 1973-born Paul  began his acting career as a child artist. And he appeared in a diaper advertisement for the first time on television. Paul, who was promising since childhood, did not have to do too much struggle to achieve success in his acting career. But unfortunately in 2013 Paul Walker died at the age of 40 due to an accident. And Paul, with this sudden death, mourned millions of fans around the world.


And as we progressed through the friends list, in the number 8 on the list of Most Famous Hollywood Actors, we have placed Crish Evans, played by CHRIS EVANS in Marbles Cinematic Universe, Captain America's character is most liked by Indian people, actually Born in 1981, CHRIS EVANS started his acting career with a short film in 1997, and after the film's arrival, he played the lead role in a number of films, but CHRIS gained world-class fame in 2005. The Fantastic Four And played the role of Marvel's famous superhero Human Torch in the film, but chrish received the most success and fame from his Captain America character. And so today the world calls CHRIS EVANS as Captain America.



And something like this is present on the ninth number of our list CHRIS HEMSWORTH Now before the arrival of Hollywood movie Chor in 2011, nobody knew Chris Hemsworth inside India, but on the basis of this one film, he had millions of Indian fans Won the hearts of many people and still know him by the name of Chhok, in fact, born in 1983, Chris started his acting career in 2002 as a television actor. But he got his first role in a film called Star Trek in 2009. And today he has played the role of Thor in 8 films of Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the most recent films titled Extraction. He was seen in which Randeep Hooda played the lead.

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