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Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Places On Earth

Today we are going to talk, in such unsolved mysteries places in the world, about which you will be surprised to hear. There are many secrets and wonders hidden in these places, so are you ready to learn about some such interesting places, it is believed that there are many interesting places on this earth. No scientist has been able to solve the mystery. Thereis some place on earth that hardly anyone has visited till date. And some tourist places that have a lot of secrets hidden.


It is believed that Nazca lines are built between 400-650 Yards, it is very similar to Indus Valley civilization of India. If you see these lines, then you will get to see different kinds of animals, birds, fish, and man. Now your mind must have wandered. And you must be wondering, what is the mystery in this ? You can see these lines only with the help of a helicopter or aircraft from above. You cannot score on the ground. The archaeologist made a lot of discovery news about Nazca Civilization but till date no one understood this mystery. 


Dead Sea is in Jordan. And you can't swim here. The reason for this is that no one swims in Dead Sea, everyone floats. You will never drown in the dead sea because there is a lot of salt in the water here. You cannot drink water here because of salt and oil, so there are no fish or living creatures in the water here. Just here you will find similar organisms, bacteria.


Jacob Well Wimberley is in the US. And there have been many deaths here in the year 1850. For many years it used to be a meeting place for Americans. But now it is used for adventure sports. Do not be overjoyed to hear this, because where countless people have been injuries. And many people have lost their lives here too.


The zone of silence This is a place in Mexico where radio signals do not work. And even Aria pulls on the meteoroids. In 1970, it was in the news. When the Athena rocket launched by the US cracked here. This rocket was launched from Green River Kota. And it was to be launched in White Sand Mexico and suddenly it disappeared. Scientists believe that there is a lot of magnetite at this place which comes in the way of the magnet field. This place also falls in the Geographical Pyramid of Egypt, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Latitudes of Japan's Dragon Triangle.


The Vittal temple is located in Karnataka. Which is a vertical greengage. And there is only one Indian unsolved mysteries episodes place in our list. It is said that this temple has 56 plus. From which seven notes come out. Now you might be thinking, there is nothing inside the pillars, so why do these voices come. But your guess is wrong. It is believed that different materials have been used while making these pillars, which you cannot differentiate.


Kano crystal It is a mysterious lake located in Colombia. The color of the water here turns red in the summer season. Many rare species of tree plants are found at this place. It is said that due to these rare species, the color of this lake is red. Would you like to see this place in Colombia


Blood falls are considered to be the most difficult falls in the world. And this is found to be very iron in the mysterious fall. Earlier the scientist believed that the color of the water here is due to the red algae but the scientist named Taylor discovered it in 1911 that the amount of iron at this place is quite high which is water Turns red.


The biggest mystery here is that no one knows who built such a huge pyramid. It is not even mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records. It is built like a pyramid temple. And it also has stairs, from which you can go up to the top of the pyramid. If you are ever going to Mexico City, do not forget to go to the hidden tunnels in this paramedic.


In 1952, the Japan Government sent a survey team here. Which had 31 people. But they all drowned in this Dragon Sea. And never come back again. The surprising thing is that Dragon Sea is on the same latitude in exactly the opposite direction of the Bermuda Triangle. Accidents here are more than the Bermuda Triangle. And till date people have made different things about Dragon C. If someone says that there is a dragon here, someone talks about an alien.


The Bermuda Triangle is considered to be the most mysterious place in the world. And it is also mentioned in the mythology of India. It is said that the Bermuda Triangle takes away everything that comes around it. The gravitational field of the Bermuda Triangle is so intense that it can attract anything. Many airplanes have disappeared from here, Which till date could not be known. Today, idents have reduced here today than before. And to some extent, even scientists are now solving its plot. Scientists in Colorado believe that hexagonal clouds are formed here, which burst like bums. Their explosion causes a storm. Which can damage any large object.


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