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 TOP 10 STRANGEST HOTEL'S IN THE WORLD The hotel of world is very unique and amazing. But you want to go to the case. To get a glimpse of this at least once in a lifetime of work, Rahatkal is our villainous life in these hotels. Very different from Riddle's system. You need to be different in all things and for us to get sabese chachchanjah ahia, clothes or hotel. The first thing that comes to mind is hearing the name of the hotel. A luxurious room, swimming pool to eat healthy foods and so many luxuries so that you can make your trip even more special experience. Know why QS is a bass. (1) GODIVA CHOCOLATE Don't have sweet chocolate, what? This is such a thing. Like everyone wakes up to eat. You should be aware of your hotel exit to the hotel. But the institute is everything, it is made of chocolate. I go crazy after this chocolate hotel. But Jehoi Sapan is new. In New York is the Bryan Park Hotel. They are made in the same room with walls, paintings and other chocolates.

10 science facts that scientists can't explain

Today, we are living in the 21st century, which is completely full of scientific and technological equipment, but even in this era, there are some science question which even science cannot explain.
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You must have heard or read about the black hole. Because black hole is such a thing in our mysterious universe. That she always attracts a human being. You may have heard different kinds of things about black holes. But have you ever thought that what will happen to a person if it falls into a black hole is that most people think that that person is broken into small pieces Will disintegrate. Scientists believe that this is not so easy but no scientist has any concrete answer right now. Actually what I tell scientists is only their imagination and pre-conjecture, but no one has any answer to what happens in a black hole. But the way at which we are increasing in science, it seems that we will know the answer soon.


Many of you may be hearing the name of placebo for the first time, so let us tell you about the placebo effect with an example. A few years ago scientists tested it on the victims of depression. The doctors gave them medicines made of fake sugar by telling them that they are real medicines They would cure them and they treated the fake medicines as real and they became completely healthy. This is called the placebo effect in medical language. Doctors and scientists believe that the human brain is very powerful. Therefore, when a person believes in someone, it becomes true for him. As those depression patients were cured by giving fake medicines, scientists have not yet understood how the placebo effect works.

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You must know that in this world, many animals, birds and insects have a certain direction of movement. And the animals move in the same direction. And those same animals also include cow and bull. Some German scientists began to study cows and bulls. And they found that these animals follow a specific pattern when forming a herd. And not only this, when these scientists started keeping a watch on the cows and bulls living in the forest with satellite. So found that these animals always travel from north to south direction. Scientist found this thing very strange and they try to find the reason behind it, but till date no scientist could find it. Why does this animal always travel in the same direction and how does he know about it.



Contagious yawning Infectious yawning talks about something that happens to every human being in the world. and he is taking that yawning or yawning, every person in the world yawns about 20 times every day. And once the boredom comes. So it is almost impossible to stop it, most people get bored before sleeping and after getting up in the morning. Apart from this, when a person is bored then he gets bored. We have called Ubasi an infectious disease, the reason for this is where it is because it spreads faster than any virus. When a person sees another human being bored. He too gets bored immediately. Why does man take yawning after looking at each other. No scientific answer is right for this.


You all will know that cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world and it is a disease that takes prey to humans as well as animals, but many such animals exist in the world. Which is completely cancer free and these animals also include elephant and whale fish. You probably know that cancer starts to form inside a cell, and then it gradually becomes so big.That takes the life of that person or animal. But a specific type of mechanism is found in the body of elephant and whale fish which protects them from the formation of cancer in their body. This is the reason why the disease is found less in elephants and whale fishes than in other animals. Scientists tried to find the secret of the quality of these animals. But no scientist has been able to understand it till date.

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You all must be well aware about magnets, that magnet is such a thing. Which we have seen since our childhood and therefore we see this very simple thing. But from the point of view of scientists, magnets are not ordinary at all. Have you ever heard of permanent magnets that people don't know. Let them know that this is the same magnet that we often see around us, it is the biggest feature. They do not need any special situation or situation to work and this thing makes them very special and difficult to understand. The study above magnets tells us. How powerful and useful it is. But no scientist knows how magnets actually work.



Many of you would like to eat mushrooms. And at the same time you will also be well aware that there are many different types of mushrooms found all over the world. chorioactis Jester It is one of the same mushrooms. This star shaped mushroom looks very beautiful. But there is such a special thing in this innocent. Which are beyond the comprehension of scientists. Actually, this particular type of mushroom grows only in Japan and Taxes. Apart from these two places, the world does not grow in any country. Scientists tried hard to find the reason. But no scientist has solved the mystery till today. This mushroom in Taxes is known as Devles singar. Because the mushroom looks like a cigar before it takes a starlike shape.


The pine tree forest inside Russia has been named the Dancing Forest. There is a special reason to name it. All the trees present in this forest are well-shaped in typical shapes. The trunk and branches of all these trees are oddly curved. By the way, usually, pine trees are not curved in this way. Therefore, this forest is considered very special. It looks like these trees. As you are dancing, this is the reason why it is named Jan Dancing Forest. Different scientists give different reasons for these trees to rotate in this way. This is due to strong winds and unstable soil. But no scientist in the world has been able to find out why these trees are bent like this. Hence, the most mysterious forests of the score are included.

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Time travel means thinking about traveling in time always makes us humans excited. Many scientists believe that in the future, man will probably have some technology with which it will be possible to travel in time. And if we talk about the current technology, at this time we do not have any such instrument or instrument which can get us time travel. But from time to time, we have seen some such things on Earth, Which claims that time travel is possible. This picture is also one of those things. Let me tell you that this picture was taken in 1941 at the inauguration of Canada's Gold Bridge. If you pay attention to a person standing wearing glasses in this picture, you will find that the costumes and fashion of this person are quite different according to that era. Apart from this, this person has also held a camera-like device in his hand. People claim that this person must have arrived in 1941 by traveling time from the future. Although some people also say that this photo has been edited, but no scientist has understood the truth of this picture till date.


In 1980, a case was shown inside Lengby in the US, which caused the sleep of scientists and doctors, that a girl named Jean Hilliard was driving towards her house while driving her car. Then his car broke down on the way. It was winter and snow was falling, so Jean Hilliard thought it would be better to stay at his friend's house one night. Whose friend's house was just a short distance away, so she got out of the car and started going towards her house. But due to the extremely cold winter, her head started moving and she fell unconscious on the way. She remained there for 6 hours at a temperature of minus 22 degrees Celsius. After 6 hours, he was found and taken to the hospital. The doctor declared him dead on seeing him. But as soon as his body melted a little ice due to the warmth of the hospital, he acted a little. When the doctors saw that he was still alive, they immediately started warming him up. And after staying in the hospital for 6 weeks, she returned to her home after recovering completely.


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