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 TOP 10 STRANGEST HOTEL'S IN THE WORLD The hotel of world is very unique and amazing. But you want to go to the case. To get a glimpse of this at least once in a lifetime of work, Rahatkal is our villainous life in these hotels. Very different from Riddle's system. You need to be different in all things and for us to get sabese chachchanjah ahia, clothes or hotel. The first thing that comes to mind is hearing the name of the hotel. A luxurious room, swimming pool to eat healthy foods and so many luxuries so that you can make your trip even more special experience. Know why QS is a bass. (1) GODIVA CHOCOLATE Don't have sweet chocolate, what? This is such a thing. Like everyone wakes up to eat. You should be aware of your hotel exit to the hotel. But the institute is everything, it is made of chocolate. I go crazy after this chocolate hotel. But Jehoi Sapan is new. In New York is the Bryan Park Hotel. They are made in the same room with walls, paintings and other chocolates.

Top 10 Most Foolish Thief ant Caught On Camera.

Today we are going to tell you about the 10 most foolish THIEF ANT in the world. You will not be able to stop laughing at those whose foolish actions. 


In 2017, there was an incident inside China, where In the video, you can see that a thief is stealing a woman's purse in broad daylight. The woman is also running after the same thief. While running, the thief sneaks inside a building to hide, but after going inside he realizes that the building is nothing but a police station. The woman was running after the thief screaming. And as the police hear that woman's voice. Then the police immediately catch the thief. It was indeed the worst day of that thief ant.


It is said that stealing is also an art. And some thieves take this art to a different level. Many thieves are present in the world, who are expert in stealing but have also mastered tremendous acting with it. His acting comes in handy after he is caught. Such was the case some time ago Oklahoma in America. The woman seen in the video is 37 years old. And arresting the police for the crime. This woman weeps in front of the police and weeps, saying nothing done in it is innocent. Some policemen get into it. And consider not arresting it, As the policemen get entangled in things. Then this woman takes away the police car. The policemen chase the woman again in a swift chase. And this time, once caught, the woman starts the drama of washing her crying again. This stupid woman does not know that all her actions were being recorded on camera {camera repair}.


Some time ago a very funny video of robbery in the bank was seen in the video. It entered the person Bank with the intention of robbery. Going to the counter, it shows a demand note and says something to the bank employee, but the bank employee was very understanding. And this robbery intent takes steam. The employee turns on the security system without any delay. Now this thief is horribly terrified. And tries to eject. In panic, this thief forgets that the door he is pushing. He actually opens on the bridge. This stupid thief feels that this door is locked due to the security system. And he accepts defeat and waits for the police to come. At this point, a woman enters the bank from outside. And then the thief ant realizes that the door he was understanding was actually open and then he immediately ran away.


Some time ago a video of a stupid thief went viral on the internet. The video was recorded in a CCTV camera repair installed at 1 jewelry store in Thailand. The video shows a boy entering a jewelery store. And begins to see a gold chain wearing on the neck. The thief tries to escape from the store by putting a gold chain around his neck. But there was a smart security system inside the store. Due to which the door of the store is automatically locked. When the thief does not open the door, he returns his chain to the storekeeper like an obedient child. And after some time the police come to arrest this stupid thief ant.


A group of thieves are trying to steal the ATM during the night. These thieves are well aware that it is almost impossible to open an ATM. So they plan to steal the whole machine. These thieves tie the ATM with a strong wire. And pull him out of his car. Even his plan works perfectly well. But these people forget that the weight of ATM is very heavy. It is very difficult to pick him up in the car. Five are not able to use their full strength to put ATM inside the car. Then finally the ATM alarm rises at that time. After that the thieves leave the ATM machine and run away. {ATM with deposit near me}


A person whose packet was stolen many times. He thought to teach a lesson to the thief. The man filled the dog's shit in a package at the door of his house. When a female thief passed by, he made an intention to steal the packet. She sat in her car with the packet, and began to open the packet, thinking that there would be something valuable in the packet, but as soon as she opened the packet, the strong smell of the dog's shit entered her nose. She understood that he was pranked with her and ran away, throwing the packet there itself.


A person living in Australia approaches a super market with a small size truck. The intention is to steal the ATM inside the market. The ATM enters the ATM with a wire to steal. And binds the ATM to that wire.‌ As he drives the truck to pull out the ATM, he learns that he not only attaches the other end of the wire to the truck, but brings the truck back to connect the other end to the truck. But this time it parks the truck a little farther, making the wire shorter. Eventually the thief gets angry with himself and runs away without committing any theft ant.


A boy comes and talks to a woman. But as the woman takes her phone out of the pocket. So the boy tries to escape by snatching his phone. The thief ant probably did not know that the woman was actually a martial arts instructor. The woman grabs the thief by her neck. And takes back his phone and kills him from there and drives him away.


 A boy is standing in the store looking at a smartphone. As soon as the opportunity comes, it tries to run away with a smartphone. But due to the strong table attached to the smartphone, it is not able to do so. A girl working in the store sees him doing this. And finally that stupid thief has to go from there in shame.


Aligarh robbery Some time ago a video went viral. Which is in Aligarh city of Uttar Pradesh, where some thieves enter a jewelery shop with the intention of stealing. This was the best thing about these thieves. That even on such an occasion, he did not forget to sanitize his hands and only after sanitizing hands did he start his real work. Let me tell you that the police later caught the miscreants.


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