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10 of the world's weirdest trees.

Today we are going to tell you about 10 rare trees of the world, and trees definition.


Bottle Tree Namibia

You must have seen many trees definition and many types of trees in the world. But I have never seen a tree like this Bottle Tree that grows in Namibia. The name of this tree is given by the name of the bottle. The stem of this tree is quite thick and bottle-shaped. Which has no branches. The height of this tree is up to 20 feet. And there will be small branches and leaves at the top end of the tree. White flowers grow on this tree during spring season. There is a huge amount of water inside these trees, which helps them to stay alive in the scorching heat. But the water present in this tree is very poisonous. And it is said that in ancient times people used this fluid to poison their weapons.

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The Sandbox Tree is an evergreen tree found in tropical regions of North and South America. Apart from America, this tree is also found in the Amazon rainforest and some areas of Tanzania. Where this tree is considered a dangerous breed. This tree is very easy to identify because the color of its bark is smooth brown. Small black thorns are made on top of this tree. And because of these thorns, this tree is also known as Monkey No Climb. At speed, a fruit resembling a pumpkin appears, which is quite poisonous. Eating this fruit causes diseases like vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.


The most important thing about this tree is that water gets stored inside the floor of its leaves, which is useful for the thirsty travelers to come and drink. That is why this tree has been named as Travellers Tree. The branches coming out from the trunk of this tree gives this tree a hand fan shape. These branches have huge banana tree-like leaves.

Although this tree originated in Madagascar itself, today the tree is found all over the world. The average height of the speed is 23 feet while the height of its leaves is up to 36 feet. Each leaf has the ability to store rain water.


Angel Oak Tree
Angel Oak Tree

Angel Oak Tree South is located in Calorina Cengale of Park. This tree is famous all over the world for its huge size and long life. People from all over the world reach there to see this amazing tree. It is said that this tree is more than 500 years old. This tree has endured many storms, earthquakes and landslides in its life. The height of the giant tree is about 67 feet and its circumference is about 28 feet. The number of branches coming out of this tree is very high. And these branches are spread in all four directions. The height of the largest branch of this tree is assumed to be 187. Its huge size can be gauged from the fact that this entire tree provides shade to the area up to 17000 square feet.


Skeleton Tree Deadvlei is the name of a white clay barren place. It is said that the name Deadvlei means Dead Valley. And because this place is completely barren, it has been given this name. This place exists between two huge sand dunes, whose height is about 1312 feet.

The one thing that makes this place the most special. That is, the skeletons of trees planted here, though this place is completely barren. But it was not always like this. It is said that about 900 years ago a river used to flow here. And this place was completely fertile. But due to the change in temperature, this place gradually became completely barren. Today only the skeletons of these trees are left here.


The Wawona Tree It was a famous giant tree, which until February 1969 used to be the main center of attraction in California's National Park. Its height was 227 feet and the diameter of the lower part of the stem was 26 feet. In order to increase tourism, in the year 1881, this huge tree was cut from the middle and made a tunnel. Built for tourist attraction, this man-made tunnel became extremely popular. 

Tourists who come here are often photographed while standing or driving among the tunnel. But unfortunately in February 1972 this tree fell down due to heavy snowfall. This giant tree, 2300 years old, still serves as a popular tourist destination.


Dragon blood tree is given this name due to the red colored fluid coming out from inside this tree. If the bark of the trunk of a tree, which looks strange in shape, is peeled, then red colored liquid resembling blood starts coming out of it. This strange tree resembling an umbrella-like shape is seen on this island from all over the world.

Due to which this island is also called one of the most bizarre places in the world. Millions of people from all over the world arrive here to see these strange trees. The fruits grown on these trees are small, from which 1 to 4 seeds grow.


Rainbow Eucalyptus You all must have understood by the name of this tree that there is a tricolor like a rainbow. This tree is so beautiful to see, that people who see it once are not able to see it. This beautiful tree is found only in select places in the world. These include names like Philippines, Indonesia, etc.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Is a very fast growing tree, which attains a height of up to 246 feet in a very short time. Diameter and the trunk of this tree is up to 94 inches in diameter. Many people desire to see this tree, but due to its rare, some people also get the opportunity to see it.


Banyan Tree
Banyan Tree

Banyan tree is the national tree of India. And which was adopted as the national tree in 1950. Banyan is famous not only for its huge size and its long life, but also all over the world. A huge banyan tree can have a height of 100 feet. And together its lifespan can be more than 1000 years. Due to its sheer size, banyan trees act as a shield in summer. And protects people from sunlight. This is the reason why banyan trees are seen more in temples, houses and on the roadside.


Tree of Life  is more than 400 years old. This tree is present on a hill in the barren areas of the Arabian desert. Which is the highest point in Bahrain, 40 km from Manama. The special thing about this tree is that despite being in the barren area, this tree is green all the time. Apart from this, there is no source of water for this tree. But still this tree always grows. This tree is completely covered with green leaves. It has become a local tourist attraction. And every year about 65000 people reach here to see this wonder of nature. 



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