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10 Most Beautiful And Completely Clear Lakes.


Melissani Lake Of Greece
Melissani Lake of Greece There is no doubt that Greece is one of the beautiful countries. And it is also famous worldwide for its historical places. And Melissani Lake on Kaif Alonia Island, Greece is famous worldwide for its beauty and its clean water. The water of this lake is so clean that it is counted among the cleanest mountains in the world. Although this lion was discovered in the year 1951. But it is said that this lake is 20000 years old. Every year millions of people reach Greece to see this lake.

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AMBERGRIS CAYE  Every year, more than millions of people visit the Baileze to visit and celebrate their holidays. And what attracts these tourists the most inside the Baileze. That is ambergris caye island is the largest island of ambergris caye baileze located in the northeast of the Caribbean Sea. This island is about 40 kilometers long and 1.6 kilometers wide. The main reason for tourists to visit this island is to scuba diving in the clear water here. Its water is clear like glass and people diving here enjoy the views of the sea.Apart from being a large island, it is also called the second largest coral reef system in the world. Around 40,000 people a year scuba diving in this clear blue water. Therefore, this place is considered very famous for people scuba diving.


Plitvice Lakes National Park, discovered in the year 1949, is also one of the oldest and largest parks in Croatia. Along with Croatia, it is one of the largest parks in the entire southeast of Europe. This place is so beautiful that people can not remove their eyes from it once they see it. Spread over 70000 acres, there are 16 beautiful lakes and waterfalls overlooking this huge park

The water of these districts and springs is clean like a pearl. To admire the beauty of nature, more than 1 million people from all over the world visit this place annually. The water of the lakes present here varies from time to time. This place is so beautiful that in 1979, the place was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Jiuzhaigou is a natural-protected national park located in the province of Siachen in southwestern China. The beautiful place of China is famous for its springs and big mountains. But what makes this place special is that the clean water lakes found in it reach millions of people from all over the world to see these clear lakes. A total of 114 different colors flowing districts exist at this place, not one or two. People were beautiful because 5 flower lake has been named because of five different colors. On seeing these lakes, it looks like a paradise. And their water is so clean that everything inside the lake is clearly visible in the year 1992, declared a World Heritage by UNESCO and a bio-reserve in 1997. The month of October is considered to be the most suitable for visiting this place.


Te Waikoropupu Springs is also known as pupu spring. First of all, let us tell you that a water spring is a place where water comes out from underground source. And then due to the release of water in this way, the effect of water on the surface is created. And this place is called water spring Situation pupu spring in New Zealand's South Island is the largest freshwater water spring found in New Zealand. Along with this it is also the largest cold water springs in the Southern Hemisphere. The speed of clean water coming out of the earth at thistle place is 14000 per liter second. Its water is so clear that when seen down to 63 meters, everything is clearly visible. And that in itself is a wonderful thing.

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The Blue Lake of New Zealand

New Zealand's Blue Lake, or Blue Lake, has been given the title of the world's cleanest water lake, with New Zealand located in the Nelson Lakes National Park in Ireland. The water of this lake was scientifically inspected in the year 2011. The result was that it was considered the cleanest lake in the world. Everything is clearly visible at 262 feet in the depth of the lake. Which is a wonderful thing in itself, due to the water of the lake being so clean, the people of the Maori tribes living in the forests here consider it sacred. . However, millions of people reach here to see the beauty of this lake.


Flathead Lake Of America Located in the northwest of the US state of Montana, the flat head name that this lake is the largest clean water lake in the western US. And this lake is famous all over the world for its extremely clear and transparent water. The water of this lake is so clean that it looks like it is in the air after looking at the photos of the voting people here. This place is so beautiful that when people see photos or scenery here, they do not find this place real. Are told That this is the remains of a very big lake named G. Bisola. Which was present here 13000 years ago. The depth of this huge lake is 370 feet. And it is called the deepest and largest water lake among the clean water lakes. The reason for the clean water of this lake is the white icy mountains present here which melt and merge with the water of this river.


The Philippines is a country which is famous worldwide for its natural beauty and the Palawan Island of the Philippines serves to add beauty to its beauty. Its northwestern edge is the South China Sea and the southeast edge is connected to the Solu sea region. This island is so beautiful that in 2016 it was declared the most beautiful island in the world. This island is famous worldwide for its clean water, reefs and its wildlife. Another thing that makes this place beautiful. It is the 12 Japanese water ships submerged in its sea level which sank here during the Second World War. Scuba diving people dive to see the views of these ships. Every year more than 1000000 people reach here to enjoy this place.


Everyone knows that Amazon is the largest river in Brazil. And there is also no doubt that Amazon is one of the most amazing rivers in the world and when it comes to beauty, Rio Sucuri of Amazon surpasses Amazon. This beautiful place exists in a small town called bonito, located 4 hours away from the capital of Brazil. It is amazing to see the waterfall created by nature in the middle of the forest. The water of this water tank is so clear that the wildlife and fish swimming in it are clearly visible from above. It is said that everything is seen up to a depth of 60 feet in the water tank. The Brazilian government has declared a national park to preserve it.


Australia's Green Lake This beautiful lake exists in a small village called Tragöb, located in the steria state of Austria. This heart is surrounded by mountains and forests. And it is named Green Lake i.e. Hari ji because of its green water. The green water present in this lake is clear and transparent like a glass. The lake receives this water after melting of mountains called cost. Therefore, during the winter season the water level of this lake decreases considerably but as the summer comes, the snow starts melting on the mountains. And the water of this lake rises again. At one time this lake was a favorite place for divers. But divers were banned from visiting in 2016 as scientists believed that the water would lose its clarity due to divers.


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